League of Legends: This Ahri cosplay is ready for the new season of LoL

At present there are many characters within League of Legends but one that has captivated more than one fan is the beautiful Ahri, who is so present in the world of fan art and cosplay.

The inspiration behind this vastaya is clear, since it has characteristics similar to the kitsune, that is, the Japanese fox. Especially the one who for the many years he has lived has more than one tail, which reflect not only his wisdom but also his power… and his dangerousness.

Ahri, inside LOL, is a vastaya, a chimerical race of Runeterra that has animal characteristics. In her case related to the fox.

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She is someone who seeks her place in existence and who has a strong connection to the magic of the spirit world.

Since it began to interact with humans, it began to feel empathy for its prey. Ahri can absorb not only their life force but also part of their memories.

League of Legends: This Ahri cosplay is ready for the new season of LoL
Font: Instagram.

It is precisely because of this interaction that his understanding of humanity increased. But each time he consumes a soul, his sadness increases.

That is why she now seeks to meet others similar to her; her memories tell him that they do indeed exist in the world of League of Legends.

Ahri’s background makes her a very interesting character and adding this to her beauty explains why there is more than one cosplay based on her.

Ahri from LOL through cosplay

The cosplay that we bring you of Ahri from League of Legends is a contribution from cosplayer Soracle (@soraclee). As you can see, she maintains various elements of the appearance of this vastaya.

Among them the ears that are reminiscent of those of a fox in addition to the eyes with yellow pupils and the red markings on his face. Another element present is the multiple tails that this character has. This is something not very easy to recreate in a cosplay.

League of Legends: This Ahri cosplay is ready for the new season of LoL
Font: Instagram.

The reason is that sometimes they do not give an impression of naturalness. But in this case the cosplayer, when lying down, does not have the need for the tails to appear upright.

What is not clear to us is if they are something real or added digitally. As for the outfit, it is similar to that of the character, at least in the upper part. The lower one is more than anything a sexy touch. As a final note about the eyes, their coloration varies.

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