League of Legends was the most watched video game on Twitch during the year 2022

League of Legends was the most viewed video game on the Twitch streaming platform during the year 2022, according to data collected by the SullyGnome portal.

Riot Games’ hit MOBA accumulated a total of 1,499,478,263 hours viewed, and a peak viewership of 3,145,012.

There are few surprises in the list of the ten most watched video games, which is covered by very popular multiplayer titles, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant or Apex Legends (which even surpasses Fortnite), and also by a Grand Theft Auto V that continues to be very attractive thanks to GTA Online and the roleplay community.

But, curiously, the most viewed during 2022 on Twitch was not any video game, but the “Just Chatting” category in which streamers talk to their community on countless topics. These talks racked up a whopping 2,930,264,476, almost doubling the second most popular category.

Below you have the list with the ten most watched video games on Twitch during 2022:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Valorant
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Apex Legends
  6. Fortnite
  7. Minecraft
  8. dota 2
  9. Call of Duty Warzone
  10. world of warcraft

You can see the complete list, with more information, at this link.

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