League of Legends: You can already know the abilities of Milio, new LoL support, thanks to a leak

Lhe players of the most complicated anthill in the world, called League of Legendsthey are waiting (neither anxious nor annoyed, just waiting) for patch 13.3 that will arrive next Wednesday February 8th to the game. Patch that, by the way, has raised many rumors that it will come very loaded with buffeos. But if something manages to lift the spirits of the players, it is the promise of the new legend of LoL, thousandwhose abilities we already know thanks to a leak.

Who is Milio, the new Legend of League of Legends?

It is a child from Ixtal and that being classified as an Enchanter, at least that’s what the leaker has revealed big bad bear through his YouTube channel. Milio is just one of many champions that have been announced for this season. Among the others are Naafiri (who has already been called the next Darkin), a new “irritable” jungler name unknown and an “artistic” mid laner. Such were the descriptions of another YouTuber, Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao.

What will be the abilities of Milio, the new legend of League of Legends?

As revealed by Big Bad Bear, this be a difficult character to control to fully exploit their abilities. From the outset, it will have two different forms, which you can choose when interacting with its ultimate. Under the same scheme, you will basically choose if what you want is to improve your allies or attack your friends (hence the talk of her resemblance to Lulu).

Something was also mentioned about the visual effects: an interaction with some small balls of fire that are constantly with him, which will give us an understanding of the duality of the character. BBB clarified that there will also be big differences with the yordlewhich is obvious because, otherwise, why do we have the new character?

When will Milio arrive in League of Legends?

Information is conflicting on this point. Milio will most likely arrive with patch 13.3 and it is known that it will be the first of the new legends prepared for this season, but without clarifying its launch, some say that it could still be a couple of months away from its launch. And if that’s the case with the first one, let’s not wait too soon for the rest of the legends.

Thinking of trying some luck with thousand?

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