LeBron James made fun of everyone in Los Angeles

season 2023/24 of nba For Los Angeles Lakers Unexpected twist after winning new tournament “In Season Tournament”, which was considered a definite beginning under the leadership of the quintet Lebron James It ended up being quite the opposite.

lakers He fell badly after lifting the cup in the inaugural tournament. The fact is that the management of the franchise remains active in the market and tries to achieve a business that provides quality in the collective game of the Laguneros.

However, Lebron James At 39, he remains an extraordinary talent nba, Despite his age, “King James” He looks physically fit and is the first one to school his rivals when it comes to starting the car.

Time hasn’t stopped LeBron James

This Sunday Night Shift is mentioned crypto.com arena Of California To portland trailblazer (12-29) now Los Angeles Lakers (21-22).

conflict brought with it deprivation taurean princea condition that causes darwin ham use for james As the team’s power forward.

They were together in the Lagoon Quintet. lebronspindle anthony davis, austin reeves As an escort, Rui Hachimura eagle and D’Angelo Russell In sports generation.

The game remained close from one side to the other. But early in the second quarter, the talent of the four-time NBA champion nba was present.

Score in favor of 36-42 lakers, Lebron James he received the ball sent Russell, The veteran took possession and barely saw the sprint to the rim. Christian Wood, Without hesitation and with the art of deception up his sleeve, lebron He pulled a sensational pass out of his hat WoodWhich was coming out from the painted area.

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