LEC – J6: Four teams look at Europe from the top


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the second week of divided spring in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) has come to an end, today it was the turn to live the sixth day of the contest of Lol most important in the region that left us with two defeats for the teams that were leading the competition, both Team BDS as Vitality they fell; and before the victory of SK Gaming and G2 Esports, With a record of four wins and two losses, these four squads lead the European tournament. However, these were not the only protagonists of the day since at the bottom of the Positions table there were also more than interesting movements.

So much Team Heretics as fnatic they seem to have found the formula for victory, both closed this week positively with a 2-1 record, these two victories accompanied by other results served to equalize everything in seventh place (2-4) with EXCEL Esports and MAD Lions. This week was more than important for the heretics since they faced the direct rivals that Week 1 of the LEC: EXCEL Esports, fnatic and MAD Lions; while the squad razork and oscarinin they did the same before Team BDS, Heretics and koi.

This is the Table after Week 2

As regards the rest of the teams that have achieved a victory today, as we have mentioned before, SK Gaming achieved an important victory against excel esports that catapulted him to that first shared position; another squad that benefited in the same way was G2 Esports. The champions of divided winter defeated Team BDS not only to stop the French team, but also to reach the fourth victory in the season that makes them share the first place with SK, BDS and Vitality.

Finally after six days, the positions of the LEC were subdivided into three groups: the platoon of the “4-2”; the two teams of “3-3”; and the second platoon of the “2-4”. Next we bring you how it turned out Positions table after Week 2 of competition in the LEC.

LEC Week 2 Results

Saturday – Matchday 4

  • Astralis 0-1 MAD Lions;
  • Team Heretics 1-0 EXCEL Esports;
  • Fnatic 0-1 Team BDS;
  • Team Vitality 1-0 SK Gaming;
  • koi 1-0 G2 Esports.

Sunday – Matchday 5

  • Team BDS 1-0 Astralis;
  • EXCEL Esports 1-0 MAD Lions;
  • Team Heretics 0-1 Fnatic;
  • SK Gaming 0-1 KOI;
  • G2 Esports 1-0 Team Vitality.

Monday – Matchday 6

  • EXCEL Esports 0-1 SK Gaming;
  • MAD Lions 0-1 Team Heretics;
  • Astralis 1-0 Team Vitality;
  • Team BDS 0-1 G2 Esports;
  • fnatic 1-0 KOI.

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