Let’s save the tomatoes! Heinz and Fortnite join forces in a major in-game and out-of-game campaign

Who does not know the Heinz brand? The company is a reference as far as sauces are concerned (ketchup on the head) and has just announced a joint project with Fortnite to raise awareness of how we are caring for the soil of our planet (or failing to do so, rather) and thus avoid foods like tomatoes “do not suffer a game over” In the near future.

“Soil plays an essential role in the food system. In fact, it is estimated that 95% of the food we eat is produced directly or indirectly in the soil. But according to environmental experts, our soils are at risk and could disappear in just one generation if we do not act on time ”, they explain from Heinz. “Every little gesture counts and we can all play a crucial role in protecting our soil. It is a battle worth fighting and with that objective this alliance was born”.

Led by Druid Gaming, a multimedia company with ties to eSports, Heinz has created an in-game island where players must tend tomato crops using the same sustainable and regenerative practices that we should apply in the real world. The island is calledSOS Tomato Island (Save Our Soils / Salvemos Nuestros Suelos) by Heinz” and aims to raise awareness and make visible the current situation. It will be full of greenhouses and inside, Fortnite’s Safeguard Zone will shrink 33% faster than usual“thus representing the rate at which soil health is declining in real life.”

The code to access the Heinz SOS Tomato Island is 1877-1435-6432, and can be entered from the Fornite “Discover” screen. For every hectare of tomato cultivation that we achieve in the game 30 dollars will be contributed to the campaign to raise awareness and make the situation visible. Everyone try it for a good cause!

We also remind you that it has just started Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 and that you have all the news (missions, weapons and characters) and how to get it all in our thorough game guide.

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