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Zona Gamer, which will take place on April 21 and 22, 2023 in Bogotá, will be a meeting space between the gamer community and the biggest exponents of the industry.

The event will be held at the Teatro Ripio and will feature a wide range of academic activities.

Bogotá, March 2023. For two days, video game lovers will have the opportunity to meet and enjoy what they like best in ‘Zona Gamer’. It is a free and collaborative space that was born from the alliance between the BRONX CREATIVE DISTRICT and LG Electronics Colombia, to contribute to the development of the gamer community and promote spaces that contribute to the country’s cultural and creative industries.

It is expected that this first edition, which will be held at the Teatro Ripio in Bogotá, will have the participation of more than 3,000 people who love video games and geek culture. Admission will be free, with prior registration, and will allow attendees to access experience and practice areas for amateurs and professionals, cosplayer catwalk; which includes a prize for the best performance, tournaments, academic talks, a philharmonic gamer concert and augmented reality areas.

According to Margarita Díaz, director of the BRONX CREATIVE DISTRICT, “with these spaces we generate encounters, encourage creativity and offer entertainment through video games, a sector that unites millions of people around the world. Zona Gamer is the result of a public-private alliance so that fans of this universe can enjoy the latest titles on the market and the live esports competitions of the moment.”

For his part, Carlos Carvajal, Monitor Product Marketing Manager at LG Electronics, “Zona Gamer is a new space that comes to Bogotá so that cultural, creative and alternative communities can experience LG’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. This through direct contact with devices that revolutionize the user experience with specifications such as the 240 hz update rate, 0.03 ms response times and the total immersion and high image quality that only LG monitors can offer. UltraGear™ with OLED technology,” he said.


Prior to the event, there will be a qualifying championship, with registrations open until March 31, so that fans can demonstrate their skills in different games and access the opportunity to play the grand final during the days of ‘Zona Gamer’. Within the offer of titles that will have this competitive space are Valorant, FIFA 23, Halo 2 Anniversary (2020), Dragon Ball FighterZ, Assetto Corsa / F1 and CoD Mobile (BR + MJ).

Additionally, participants will access a simulation area ‘SimRacing’ where they can drive the simulators and participate in the open competition of F1 2022 (Formula 1), giving the winner the opportunity to “appear” as the first champion of a tournament. F1 presence in the country.

Another of the activities of the event will be ‘Gaming talks’, a series of four talks that will aim to provide the community with a greater context of what the gamer industry currently has to offer in the country, the challenges of the educational offer to form more video game developers and the challenges faced by the professional and cultural scenarios of this industry in the national territory.

Ticket office and entrance

Users must previously register on the landing page of the event and will receive a QR code for entry. Once they arrive at the venue and its authenticity is verified, the badge will be delivered, which will serve as accreditation.

For more information visit: http://zonagamerlg.com/

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