Lineman dies a month after falling from an electrical substation in Matanzas

lineman Daniel Vega de la CruzA Matanzas Electric Company employee died earlier this month while recovering from injuries. Fall from top of electrical substation Last February.

Vega, 47, died of deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) on the morning of March 2, the official newspaper reported on Wednesday. giron,

Capture of Facebook/Periodico Giron

He Accident The incident, in which he was seriously injured, occurred on February 6 at a substation located in San Juan, near the city of Matanzas. Employee Hip and left thigh bone fractured,

At that location, the electrical supply cable to the turbines installed in the wells to pump drinking water from the San Juan and Bello springs, the most important aqueduct located in El Naranjal, was broken. The failure disrupted water supply to the upper and lower reaches of the capital, Matanzas.

In an interview that Vega gave to the newspaper giron Three days before his death, he said that that February morning, when he and other linemen were trying to connect cables to the electrical system, the cables became grounded and they had to climb to the top of the substation. In the middle of the darkness, to investigate the cause of the problem and fix it.

“I climbed with safety equipment, but A corner of the structure on which the seat belt was fastened broke off Because of the years of stability in place,” Vega revealed. “I fell, my left thigh and hip were broken, even the helmet I was wearing on my head broke into two.”

He then confessed that he had never encountered such an accident before and recalled that he had always advised his colleagues to use protective equipment. “As I say, it’s our life insurance,” he said. However, he attributed the accident to the fact that “since everything was dark, it could not be discovered that the piece of metal was in bad shape.”

The lineman was immediately taken to Faustino Pérez Hospital, where he underwent surgery on his thigh and hip.

unfortunately, He died while recovering from surgery, about a month after the accident.,

Vega was born on 11 November 1976 in Songo la Maya, Santiago de Cuba, and moved to Matanzas at the age of 11. At the age of 21, he followed in the footsteps of his older brother Jaime as a lineman.

Regarding his work, which he did for 27 years, he confessed in interviews: “If you ask me what excites me most in what I do, I tell you that repairing any malfunction Seeing people smile after, and especially those who almost cry, congratulate us when after several days or weeks they saw their houses illuminated again after the storm and cyclone crisis (…) Do you want to see something even more beautiful and exciting?

Vega is survived by his wife Yarianna and their children Carlos Daniel, Janier and Daniela, who is only nine years old.,

Daniel Vega de la Cruz with his wife and daughter. Photo: Giron Newspaper

In recent years, several deaths of electrical workers have been reported due to accidents while on duty.

lineman Adeline Ernesto Giro TorresFrom the municipality of Santo Domingo in Villa Clara, Died due to electric shock last October.

In November 2022, Jose Ignacio Rodriguez AntunezA young man from Camagüey, 24 years old, died due to electrocution San Juan and Martínez, in Pinar del Rio, during efforts to restore electrical service after Hurricane Ian.

a month ago, other Two Cuban Electrical Union employees also died in the accident While they were repairing power lines damaged by a weather-related event in Havana.

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