Lionel Scaloni defines his future in Messi’s Argentina team; “I always told the truth”


argentina coach, Lionel Scaloni He expressed this Wednesday that he always thinks about “giving space to young people” when he talked about his doubts about continuing to lead the Albiceleste, which he guided to the title. qatar world cup 2022,

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“A lot of things have happened, but I have always told the truth. There were moments of thinking and knowing what to do. It was not a farewell or anything, it was just a thought about how the selection continued. This was also the moment to give space to young people and it was important for us,” said the former football player of Spanish Deportivo de La Coruña and Real Mallorca and Italians Lazio and Atalanta in an interview with the channel. sky sports italia,

Scaloni officially stated that he would continue to lead the albicelesteBut, referring to the title he achieved on December 18, 2022, he declared that “what he experienced was fantastic,” although it is time to “continue” forward.

“It was fantastic to see our people, our friends and the country in general so happy in what has been a difficult time for us as a country. But now we have to continue. “We enjoyed that, but we continued,” he said.

Furthermore, the Albiceleste coach mentioned the future role of messi in the national team and said that he sees them “happy” playing football.

,This will continue until you say otherwise. I won’t be one to say that he won’t come again. I feel like he continues, especially because he’s happy on the playground. He is happy there. It’s really him playing ball. “We always say that he should continue until he can’t do it, because then it will be even more difficult for him, but it will be difficult for everyone not to see him on the field again,” he said.

In the press conference after Argentina’s historic victory brazil, Last November, when he beat ‘Verdemarelha’ for the first time in Rio de Janeiro as a visitor, Scaloni left his durability in office in doubt.

,I want some time to think because this team needs a coach who has all the energy possible.“Said the coach who led Argentina to champions of the 2021 Copa America, the 2022 Finalsima and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Scaloni made the announcement while answering the last question of the press conference, and his response dropped like a bomb to Argentine journalists, especially because when the coach was asked if he was thinking about resigning, he did not provide more details. Or didn’t want to explain.

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“Now is the time to stop the ball and start thinking. I have a lot to think about right now. “These players have given us a lot and I need to think,” he said then and added: “This is not goodbye. “I need to think because the bar is very high.”

He was recently seen organizing the next Albiceleste calendar with Argentine Football Association (AFA) president Claudio Tapia, so its continuation, at least until the Copa America to be played in the United States, seems certain.

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