listen to mysterious band that may have Adam Levine as lead singer

A mysterious new alternative electronic band called Purple Tears released her debut single “Work It Out” this Friday (17).

The track released by Warner Records features the rapper Swae Lee and has Adam Levine as one of the composers. What the public still doesn’t know is whether the leader of the maroon 5 also leads the new group.

Rumors that Levine would be fronting the project grew after a source told Rolling Stone that a Grammy winner is helming Purple Tears. The source reportedly said:

There is a well-known and Grammy-winning artist behind Purple Tears. This person has been successful as part of a group and as a collaborator with other industry icons.

In addition, the portal contact reported that there are “easter eggs insinuating their identities” in visualizer kaleidoscopic neon colors released alongside the single. You can see at the end of the article and give your guess!

Mysterious band releases debut single

In the “Work It Out” video, the images appear distorted but show eyes and lips seemingly on the same person. In fact, the eyes are reminiscent of Adam Levine, and the vocals, even modified, also sound like the well-known voice of the Maroon 5 singer.

In addition to the similarities, Adam fits the descriptions pointed out by the source. The musician is a member of a group and has already won three Grammys alongside his companions.

Another reason that increases the speculation surrounding Levine was the confirmation that a trademark was filed for the name “Purple Tears” by Six5 Productions, a company owned by the producer. Jason Evigan, who co-wrote and co-produced some of Maroon 5’s hits, such as “Girls Like You” with Cardi Band “What Lovers Do,” featuring SZA.

Purple Tears

Warner Records defined in a press release that Purple Tears is a “groundbreaking artistic project featuring critically acclaimed industry veterans” and credited Levine as one of the stars who composed the music. The label added:

In a world suffering from over-sharing online, Purple Tears are doing something different and bold, allowing music, messaging and creativity to remain at the forefront of conversations.

The band’s Instagram account follows some Warner employees as well as artists such as Miley Cyrus, Drake, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Travis barker and more. Is it him?!

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