LLA: Six Karma surprises and sends Estral to the low key of the playoffs

Six Karma got his revenge against Estral and is the first to reach the semifinals of the LLA Apertura tournament.

The top League of Legends tournament in our region enters its final phase with the start of the playoff phase of the Apertura 2023 tournament of the Latin American League. Six Karma gave the surprise in the first day beating Estral Esports in the series to the best of five, with a 3-1 and gets into the semifinals of the LLA.

Estral and Six Karma met on the last day of the regular season, where the Águilas were victorious and by finishing first in the table, they were a clear favorite to win the series. However, the Green Wave learned from its mistakes in the previous day and knew how to reduce the strong points to get its revenge.

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The series kicked off with Six Karma quite proactive with Onfleek looking for ganks in the bot lane, taking advantage of Wukong’s pick. The Korean jungler performed better in the first game, better controlling the map to secure all the objectives. The Green Wave punished the errors of Estral that in their attempt to stay in the game ended up badly positioned. A hunt on Brandon “Josedeodo” Villegas was crucial for the rival to keep Baron Nashor and with the pressure of the bonus, they put the score one to zero.

In game two it was Estral who started the most aggressive with Josedeodo focused on punishing Six Karma’s bot lane to give SamD’s Zeri an advantage. For its part, the Green Wave repeated the selection of Senna and Seraphine for the botlane in an attempt to have the same results as last game. Although he tried to respond with some objectives, it was not enough to stop the escalation of the Eagles that fight after fight increased the difference in gold. Finally with a last battle where the Korean shooter added four casualties, he was placed one by one in the series.

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Six Karma hit back on the third map, taking advantage early in the game with multiple bot ganks from Onfleek. Cody shone with his Zoe as usual with the champion being key in his squad’s attack. For his part, Josedeodo had a game to forget making many mechanical errors and although he managed to steal a Dragon, it was not enough to turn the game around. The Green Wave got the Baron Nashor against an Estral who did not try to answer the goal and with the pressure that the bonus gave him, he took the lead in the series against the Eagles.

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