locations where to find the kinetic blades (katanas)

If there is a weapon that is dominating in this meta of Fortnite is, and with the allowance of the return of the heavy sniper rifle, the new kinetic blade (or katana) that comes to act as the now extinct shock hammer. A lethal weapon with enormous possibilities.

With the kinetic blade we can not only make devastating attacks at close range, but we can also repel enemies, cause strong impact damage, but also move great distances and heights taking advantage of its different charges. So if there is a distant shooter stationed on a mountain, with the katana we can quickly approach him and destroy him with the same kinetic blade or with shotguns and submachine guns.

They are a very precious asset and almost mandatory to achieve the Victory Magistral, since even if they did not have as much impact on the attack itself, the mobility they provide is in itself a great advantage in combat. That is why they are so valued and valued.

Where to find the new kinetic blade in Fortnite?

These katanas can be found all over the island. In chests, at capture points, or directly on the ground. It does not matter the area, the biome or if it is a location or if it is in the middle of the field. Kinetic sheets can be found anywhere, As long as we’re lucky. Although there are areas that guarantee us from 1 to 10 kinetic sheets for our immediate use and enjoyment:

  • Bamboo Circle x2
  • Cedar Circle x2
  • Sand Circle x2
  • Sakura Circle x2
  • Cold Water Shrine x2
  • Fire Glow Shrine x1
  • Wildwind Shrine x1
  • Lake Windcatcher x1
  • South of Isolated Village x1
  • Kenjutsu Crossing x10

fortnite kinetic blade locations

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