LoL: 3 Jungle combos – Mid of patch 13.5

Jungle-mid duos can win you a lot of games. Discover the best combos here.

Just as there are botlane duos in which their ultimate abilities fit in a great way, there are also those in the form of jungle – mid, where it is not only important to combine the different Rs in a good way, but also to have the strength to fight the famous «2 vs 2” of Jungle – mid. Let’s see what are the best picks you can carry in this patch 13.5.

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Jarvan IV – Annie

jungle duet - mid

Two champions who never stop being strong but dominate when they have their ults available. Before level 6 Annie will be able to immobilize the enemy mid laner and that’s when Jarvan comes in with her banner. Then, Once they have their R available, it will be up to Jarvan IV to lock up the victim and Tibbers to end his life.

Anivia – Poppy

Anivia has started to gain popularity and has increased her win rate becoming one of the best picks you can bring to the mid lane. This mid-jungle combo is very simple and is based on two skills that will make ganking look easy.. Anivia will use his W to put a wall behind his opponent and Poppy with his E will move the enemy to the wall to disable him. There they will take the opportunity to do as much damage as possible and end the life of the rival midlaner.


There is no wombo combo here, however, just like the renowned Lee Sin – Le Blanc, this duo is focused on having one of the best 2 vs 2 you can find in patch 13.5 of League of Legends. Your damage will come from AP and AD sources, so if Tristana gains lane pressure you can invade opposing camps without fear of getting killed. Rek’sai is also a great early game damage option if you want to replace Gragas. The biggest problem will be that with the Underground Threat, the Armor will gain a lot of value for the opposing team.

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