LoL: BeryL imposes a new meta support in Korea

BeryL's new LoL meta support

To be world champion League of Legends opens the doors to be openly creative without fear of being judged. Though for Cho Geon-hee”BeryL» Opinions about his playstyle or the way he works have never mattered much to him. The current Korean bracket champion worlds with XRD He has attracted a lot of attention this preseason. After his great performance in the worlds many players have put an eye on his way of playingspecifically on their champions. BeryL he continues to be somewhat naughty with his choices and in this preseason has scored a goal support in LoL pretty weird korean.

It is completely normal and logical to see what the best in the world do, especially those who win the trophy at the end of the year. We could already see the wave of heimerdinger support who reached the goal of LoL after the worlds of 2022. Now BeryL he continues to draw attention with new champions in the support role causing other elite players to start imitating him. Brand Y jhin They have been two of the most used characters in this new goal support imposed by BeryL. The reason why the DRX player has opted for these champions are simple: They are a good answer against Heimerdinger.

Brand and Jhin: The new Korean meta support imposed by BeryL

Brand and Jhin, the new LoL meta support by BeryL
Jhin and Brand are the brand new appearances in the LoL meta support imposed by BeryL

Despite not spending much time on the SoloQ, BeryL takes advantage of the little he plays to demonstrate his creativity and ingenuity. The double world champion (DWG 2020 and DRX 2022) has made two rare champions fashionable in the support role. The goal support from BeryL’s LoL brings to Brand Y jhin as the new featured champions in your arsenal. While the number of games and win percentage displayed on your OP.GG They are not very high the idea is much better than it seems. So much Brand What jhin are the best answers that BeryL has for the Heimerdinger support, his powerful invention.

The reasons that make these two champions good answers are their range and their ability to avoid the potential obstructive of the turrets of the yordle. The W for Jin allows both Heimerdinger and his companion to be stunned regardless of whether a turret is in front of them. while the Q and the range of the caped marksman allows you to deal damage and clean the turrets more easily than other media. by the side of Brand the situation is somewhat similar, the area damage and mage burns clear turrets from the battlefield extremely quickly. This causes Heimerdinger’s potential to be reduced, no matter what the Q de Brand cannot avoid contact with the turret.

Finally these elections are not bad at all against others supports of the current meta of LoL. The dominance of champions like Nami Y Renata Glasc has made these champions viable answers as well. The answer of range Y high amount of damage they make jhin Y Brand have good options as support. Of course, it will be difficult to find someone as ‘crazy’ as BeryL to take this out competitively, much less in a world championship.

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