LoL: Best champions for the jungle of 2023

League of Legends has a new jungle What are the best champions for the role in season 13?

It’s been over a week since the beginning of the season 13 from League of Legends. The jungle It is the role that received the most changes in the 2023 preseason to facilitate it and encourage more players to enter it. Now more champions are viable, but which ones are the best for the position?

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Let’s start with the first. Tanks started very strong with patch 13.1, but nerfs are coming for 13.2. The two strongest tanks in the 2023 jungle so far are Udyr, maokai Y amumu.

On the one hand, Udyr It has been one of the strongest selections since it received the rework in August. In addition to his more standard tanky build, he popularized a lethality build that oneshots frail champions. Take advantage of it before the nerf of 13.2 comes.

On the other hand, another one to squeeze until the nerfs drop is maokai. Arguably the most broken jungler of the moment. The tree has near infinite crowd control that won’t let you move until the following season. To the list of strong tanks in the jungle we can also add Zack.

Maokai patch 13.2 league of legends best champions jungle 2023

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amumu He’s another ganking specialist jungler who’s going strong in the current meta. It greatly benefits from the new mythic item for tanks, the Jak’Sho. While Demon’s Embrace, an item that works well with his kit, will be getting a nerf, it won’t be a big deal and the Weeping Mummy will still be more than viable.

Finally, we are going to recommend that they use Elise. Without a doubt, after League of Legends patch 13.2, she will be the undisputed queen of the jungle. While it may be hard to get the full potential out of her at first (she’s the best early game AP jungler), taking the time to master her is well worth it. If your style is rather aggressive, this is your ideal selection.

Elise league of legends season 13 jungle

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