LoL: Dominator in competitive, disappointment in SoloQ; the champion with less than 45% wins

League of Legends has curious paradoxes to say the least. As we well know, the competitive meta is often far from the meta that exists in the qualifying games, and that is why there may be some parity in some characters and their impact In both situations, as can be the case with Ryze, who, when he has been in the competitive meta, has had a hard time being a good champion in SoloQ due to his need to communicate for rotations.

In the latest patch, K’Sante has become the worst top laner in terms of win percentage at all ranks, according to the stats site U.GG. Paradoxically, this contradicts to a certain extent with the competitive meta of League of Legends, and that is that for many months it has been a favorite option for many teams, such as Team Heretics in the LEC.

K’Sante, with a tiny percentage of victories

If we take stock in the top laneK’Sante has a 44.72% win rate in the top lane, almost 2% less than the second, which in this case is Akali. Expanding on these percentages and globally speaking across all lanes, he has the third lowest win percentage, second only to Ezreal and Azir, who both received heavy nerfs in recent patches.

Although these data are not positive, not everything is negative for fans who like K’Sante. He top laner he is a very juicy choice and many players have a strong predilection for him in the best competitive leagues. So far in the LCK Spring Playoffs, he has been the most picked champion for the top lane, with 11 games played. He is also the second most picked champion for the top lane in the LEC Spring Split, alongside Gnar and Sion, with 10 games each.

If K’Sante hasn’t received any changes since the last patches, why is the top laner with worse win rate from League of Legends? There may be several reasons, but one of the most important is that at the SoloQ level it is very difficult in many situations for his skill kit to be used to the maximum.

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