LoL: Filtering of Milio’s abilities, the new support

Milio will be the new support coming from Ixtal and will have similar gameplay to Lulu, according to a leak.

The content in League of Legends does not stop and each patch we see new news. One of the next surprises coming to the game will be thousanda new champion for the support role and thanks to a leak we know more details about his abilities.

Since the announcement of the first new champions to arrive this season was announced, the community has been in expectation due to the little information that Riot has revealed. Recently, it was leaked what the champion will look like and the same source brings new details of thousand.

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The renowned data miners big bad bear published a video with details of the possible abilities of Milio, the new support of League of Legends. This will be a little boy from Ixtal and will be in the Enchanters category. As published by the youtuber, his gameplay will be a bit complicated because he will have double abilities.

thousand He will have two different forms for each of his abilities, being able to choose thanks to an interaction with his ultimate. In addition, with this same scheme, she will be able to choose between buffing allies or inflicting damage on her enemies, similar to the gameplay that Lulu has that can boost her teammates or attack rivals.

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He will have an ability in which he interacts with small fireballs that accompany him, maintaining the duality effect that his style of play will bring. Despite the comparisons with Lulu, big bad bear explained that, although they are compared at some point, in the game Milio will be very different to the Yordle and her fairy companion.

thousand is the next champion to come to the game and will be the first from Season 13 to join League of Legends. So far there is no date for the release of this new support, but with the delay in the Aurelion Sol rework, we will most likely have to wait a couple of months to see it in the game.

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