LoL: First skins that will arrive from Wild Rift

The Star Guardians that were exclusive to the mobile MOBA will be released later on the PC version.

Some time ago, after the low reception that the cinematic of this year’s season of League of Legends had, Riot Games announced significant changes. Among them, starting to remove the exclusivity of skins from games like Legends of Runeterra or Wild Rift and bringing them to LoL on PC. From the second mentioned they will take some outfits that had a positive reception on their release.

Studio head and company executive producer, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon and Jeremy “Brightmoon” Leethey appeared together with the director pupulasers in a new development update. Here they commented in general on part of the content that will arrive in the MOBA in 2023, such as cosmetics for champions who have not received one for a while and five previously exclusive to the mobile version of the game.

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Brightmoon and Meddler are back with another development update with game director Riot Pupulasers. Watch now to learn more about:
– Skarner visual and gameplay update
– Medium Rell upgrade
– Emporium of Essences
– Orianna and Senna Star Guardians
– Quick game”

The first skins to arrive from Wild Rift to LoL will be part of the line star guardians. The first set will consist of Orianna, Senna and Seraphine which are likely to be in the only fixed patch for July 17 (13.14). Also Rakan and Xayah they will appear with their Redeemed versions but are planned for later in the year.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that all the cosmetics were developed for the Unity graphic engine, which is the one used by the mobile version. Therefore they will have to go through an extensive process that will deal with optimization and perhaps even recreation for the one who uses the PC game.

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Also the issue of exclusivity is something that continues to be maintained from both games but that gives way to the opening of other ways to create new content. In LoL we have mythic chromas for legendary skins and prestigious editions of epics. While Wild Rift had already begun to take ideas from its base game, such as the launch of the Hextech line and even special versions of cosmetics (the latter available on the China server).

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