LoL: For plays like this, Ruler is considered one of the best ADCs in the world

The summoner options that can be the best ADC in the world is diverse. Some say that Gumayusi is the best in his position, others opt for Viper, and others for Ruler, the current shooter for JD Gaming. This question is quite complex, since the three are also not in the same league, but seeing their performance in the League of Legends Summoner’s Rift, they seek to be protagonists to be the best in this demarcation.

Without going any further, on the last day of the Chinese league, LPL; we have seen Ruler at his highest level. Together with Missing, they have marked one of the days of the competition, managing to carry out a two for four in a position that for a large cast of professional shooters, would be absolute death.

Ruler and JDG were unrivaled

As for the play itself, one of the things that makes the difference is that Ruler already had that Immortal Bowshield, besides that Missing also has its mythical. In that play in the area of ​​the river near the dragon, he tries to hunt this duo, and from there the magic is unleashed.

Ruler is positioned very well and is applying the necessary damage to go down one by one the enemies. In addition, of this beautifully crafted game, We must also highlight the work of Yuumi, that separates a couple of times from the mount to mitigate hits and gives those basic attacks with his passive to help the marksman. With the three casualties already added, Sejuani is going to finish off the job and eliminates the last player left in that skirmish alive.

As for the series itself, the Gen.G shooter was one of the standouts, taking the MVP in one of these maps which brought them a clear 2-0 victory against NiP. In the league, JDG at the moment leads his games by victories, and has a 2-0 record and will not compete until Monday against Anyone’s Legend who still does not know the path of victory at 12:00 Spanish peninsular time

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