LoL: Guide to play Milio

Find out everything you need to know to play Milio, the Gentle Flame. In this guide we will see abilities, Runes and the best items of the champion.

Milio has arrived at the Summoner’s Rift of League of Legends and several professional players have already tested him in the support role. If you don’t know what skills to give priority to, what runes to carry or what are the best items to equip, here is a guide to how you should play Milio.

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The first thing to know is that Gentle Flame works best with marksmen who can abuse online with their range of basic attacks. That’s why picks like Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, Aphelios, or Jinx are great picks to play as a duo.

skill priority

Although it is not yet defined that you should start with a specific ability, depending on what you are looking for is what you will start with. Like Lulu, if you are looking to take early damage and be somewhat annoying, you will start at level 1 with your Q. However, if you want your opponents to be unable to get close to minions, you’ll start with W so your ADC can be abusive online.

Then, we can choose to max the E if we want our shields to be better or, if we are looking for more damage and CC, the Q will be the preferred option. Some pros have gone with maxing out W to heal and range lower cooldown allies, however it’s not an option with a good win rate.

milio skills
League of Graphs Screenshot

Runes of Milio

There are two options to play with the support. One aimed at having lower cooldowns on your abilities and another, a little more effective, increasing your healing and shields thanks to Revitalize.

Milio Runes
League of Graphs Screenshot

Milio’s Build

As a peel support, you will be looking to protect and max out your allies, especially your ADC. The first item you will look for will be Battle Song of shurelya with which you will gain a large amount of movement speed with each shield you put up or heal you do. As a second item you can choose two main options: Staff of Flowing Waters to increase your team’s AP and skill speed or Burning Censer to increase attack speed, something that is highly recommended when peeling a Hypercarry. Finally, If you notice that you don’t position yourself well and get killed first very easily in all teamfights, you can buy to contribute to the fights even being dead. On the other hand, the best boots you can buy are the ones Ionias of Lucidity to have higher Skill Acceleration.

If you want to see a great gameplay of the champion, you can click here, press play and watch how Beryl, current world champion in the support position, plays with Milio accompanied by Jinx.

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