LoL: Karthus is the best botlaner of the patch

Karthus is one of the best botlaners in the meta. He enters the note to find out which shooters compete with the APC.

In this League of Legends preseason it seems that the tanks will be the ones that will have the most relevance, however, who will be in charge of lowering the life of these great fighters? The answer is simple, ADCs, known for their damage over time. Let’s see who are the best marksmen in this patch 12.23b list.

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Karthus Pentakill

In the first place appears a champion who is not properly an ADC but who has repeatedly been seen in the bottom lane and is nothing more and nothing less than karthus. The Voice of Death has a low popularity but gets a 53.5% win rate when taken from ADC (or APC in this case), a really high number. Tristana and Samira are two of the marksmen following him, putting up 52% ​​WR and 51.9% respectively.

Then, looking at how the list goes, champions like Ashe, Kog’Maw, Kai’Sa, Twitch, and Zeri are some of the dominant marksmen even though they’re all far from Karthus’ win rate. So it is notorious that, except for Tristana, it is the HyperCarrys, those that have a large scaling, the ADCs that dominate the meta. Why is this happening? The answer is very simple. Being a meta among so many tanks, games tend to get long (the average game is close to 30 minutes) and in the late game is when these botlaners shine.

It will be necessary to see if after the changes that will enter the patch 13.1, at the beginning of the season, the goal will remain the same. However, for the moment it only remains to play so that our shooters scale as much as possible. What do you think is the best ADC in the meta? Leave your opinion on our social networks (TwitterInstagram and TikTok).

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