LoL player criticism of level up rewards

With the League of Legends Season 13 Already active, Riot Games has changed different aspects within the game client. Among them we find a leveling system that offers rewardsAt least little varied for some LoL players. Leveling up grants a capsule of champions that can sometimes be somewhat larger.

Although at first it is an interesting system that allows you to get blue essences Y champions with a slightly cheaper method. However, once you have all the champions on the roster, accumulating blue essences is usually something that not everyone values. It is true that from time to time they open the dear Essence Emporiumbut far from that, Blue Essences are a type of currency that are used for very few things.

The LoL community is fed up with the rewards for leveling up

«I’m past level 500 and I have all the champions. Why do they keep giving me snippets of Annie, Singed, or Kayle? What use are blue essences to me right now?asked a player in the subreddit from League of Legends, bringing a big question about rewards to the rest of the LoL community. Of course, the rest of the players decided to contribute his point of view, highlighting that Riot should be updated once and for all.

According to some, Riot Games should allow you to directly receive the Blue Essences instead of receiving fragments that will later end up disenchanting. until the Season 8the maximum level was 30. However, from that moment Riot Games decided to change it to the system we know today. This is fine for new players as it allows them to continue to build out their roster of champions. However, the most veteran believe that we should find ourselves facing other types of rewards.

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