LoL: Samira and Rell reign in the botlane

Samira and the Iron Maiden is the duo bot with the best win rate for ranked matches, despite not being in competitive.

With the second patch of the new season of League of Legends on the official server, little by little we see how the metagame is established. With the relevance that the bot lane currently has, there are two champions that are bursting the line. Samira and Rell are dominating the bot lane at 13.1b.

While many marksmen have been buffed in the new patch, not all of them are managing to make the necessary in-game impact. Surprisingly, Samira was not among the list published by Riot, but this has not stopped her from positioning herself as one of the best shooters today. However, when she is combined with Rell she becomes the most powerful pick for the line.

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Samira and Rell are the duo-bot lane stronger in the patch 13.1b of League of Legends having the best win rate in the game. This pairing of champions has an overwhelming win rate of 55.57 in the bot lane, being at the top of the tierlist. In particular, the combination of both ultimates is used to ensure control of the lane. Magnetic Storm pulls enemies to the center, allowing Desert Rose to apply Inferno Trigger to all foes the support catches.

The synergy between the two champions is the main reason why she is having very good results in the qualifying games. All the mass control that Rell is able to apply allows Samira to get the charges from her passive, Reckless Rush to activate her ult. Also, being under a cc, the same ability helps Desert Rose position itself in attack range.

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Nevertheless, Samira doesn’t just work with Rellsince it has two other supports with which it makes very good synergy. with Amumu has a win rate of 54.56%, while with Renata Glasc has a 54.10% win rate. The qualities of these champions is the same as with the Iron Maiden, they allow the marksman to take advantage of the Mass control they offer to give her the freedom to hit thanks to her passive.

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