LoL: The highest league in Latin America begins with a rematch of the final with a victorious Estral

After several weeks of changes between the squads, the maximum action returns within the competitive world of League of Legends in LATAM, the ALL kicked off its days yesterday with several matches that were very exciting and full of intensity where fans were able to enjoy the maximum expression of the game within the official broadcast of the event.

Rematch with an unexpected twist

Starting with a rematch of the Clausura 2022 final we had Estral against isurus, both squads come with a completely renewed face to seek glory in this tournament, the first match was a fairly even game between both squads at the beginning but it would be the eagles that will bring out their ability with a Josedeodo who remained proactive to take advantage of the lanes to get the first point. During the second confrontation we saw a different game by Estral thanks to the aggressiveness of samd with his Lucian to punish the rivals continuously, thus taking a very wide advantage with which they closed the series on their side with 2-0.

the power of infinity

For the second matchup of the afternoon we see infinity in view of Team Azé In a battle that became quite even at the beginning of the game, K’sante’s selection appeared for the infinity squad in the hands of zerite with which he caused great havoc, Dye the Infinity coach mentioned that “You know how to play against the champion, it is not a pick that is difficult for us, since it is open we chose to take it”, being handled by an experienced player to be able to take advantage in the game. During the second map the situation was no longer so even because Solid He would have a lot of presence in the game with a Vi that would destroy his rivals on several occasions, leaving things in favor of the infinite that little by little closed the game on his side.

Thus concluding the first day of the ALL with two confrontations tilted to one side that demonstrate the potential of the squads, we could see an uncoordinated Aze team within the competition just like Isurus, on the other hand, with this start we could see the level of Estral and Infinity for the opening noting that they are quite strong rivals for the tournament.

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