LoL: The iconic champion who is disappearing from the League of Legends meta

Orianna is a champion we used to see very regularly on League of Legends Summoner’s Rift. His popularity really began to decline during Season 12, and only appeared once in one of the so-called major leagues in S13 (Faker vs. KT, 1/5/7). That’s less than some characters that were never really popular in the pro scene, like Soraka.

Is the meta responsible for this?

This is obviously the first answer everyone will think of. Orianna is a champion whose powerspike is reached from 3 itemsand as the games tend to speed up, it is increasingly difficult for a team to hold out until that moment, without having accumulated too much delay. This trend is not new, but until last year Orianna had managed to stay, partly thanks to her good start to the game. For those who don’t know the champion very well, her passive it allows him to have some of his auto attacks power up. This allowed him push opposing midlaners pretty much for free and greatly hinder your laning phase.

Yes, Orianna was far from the most effective during early and mid game skirmishes (on a regular basis, an excellent Shockwave could throw a fight back even early, but the situation had to lend itself to that, which was far from always the case.)

Azir, the real executioner?

Orianna’s utility in the first minutes of the game and with the laning phase was therefore mainly to participate in the fights and to hinder opponents. The great handicap that this champion has and that also relegates her to the background, is that Azir seems to be doing everything better.

The Ultimate of the Emperor of Shurima It is easier to use, and its passive allows you to put a turret to control the map and prevent opponents from advancing with some ease. As if this were not enough, it has much more mobility than Orianna which makes it more secure, and finally your late game has nothing to envy the mechanical champion. We could even say that it is better, since her dps is more constant, while if Orianna’s spells are dodged, she will have to wait a few seconds before she can deal damage again.

In a duel between the two, Azir has all the advantage in the laning phase. Your soldiers can attack Orianna while he stays safe, and it is almost impossible for the mage to threaten him without the help of his jungler. Of course, this remark is only true for current versions of the two champions . Azir released in 2014, and the two champions still managed to cohabit for several seasons, their respective popularity varying across patches and metas. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to point out that Orianna has gone from 40% presence in season 11 to 3% at the start of season 13 (14% in H12), while Azir continues to rise (25% in H11, 33% in H12).

LoL: A small change for Riot, a big change for the community

Over the years, Riot Games has made many changes to the League of Legends client. It has been modernized several times and some features have been improved, including champ select. However, the community would like a small change that would be very helpful.

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