LoL: Three more champions will receive reworks in 2023

It was confirmed that Ivern, Rell and Neeko will receive reworks this year. Here you have all the information about the updates.

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has announced a series of mid-range updates for some of its characters. These reworks focus on changing and buffing some of the existing champions rather than creating new characters. The characters that will receive these updates in 2023 are fill, Neeko and winter.

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Rell, also known as the Iron Maiden, is the champion who is in the most advanced stage of the update process and will be the first to receive these changes. Riot Games has provided a sneak peek at what to expect from the new version of Rell, including a new E ability and changes to the power of her mounted and unmounted forms. These changes are expected to be available to players later this year.

As for Neeko, Riot Games has noted that the update has been delayed due to the importance of prioritizing Yuumi’s recent updates, as well as numerous bugs affecting her passive. No details have been provided regarding the release date of Neeko’s update or any other changes that will be made to her kit.

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Finally, Ivern will also be getting a mid-range upgrade. While no specific details on the changes have been provided, Riot Games has noted that the goal of this update is to buff her ultimate, which summons Daisy onto the battlefield. Ivern has had a very low playerbase due to his unique playstyle, so hopefully these changes will help make him more appealing to players.

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Overall, these mid-range updates demonstrate a shift in focus on the part of Riot Games, which is moving away from creating new characters and focusing on improving those that already exist in the game. This will allow players to experience new ways to play characters they already know, while at the same time increasing the overall lifespan of the game.

We hope to hear more details about these reworks in the coming months, including official release dates.

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