LoL: We finally know the secret behind the death of Jarvan IV’s father… Sylas is innocent!

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Riot Games didn’t wait for the release of Arcane to explore the universe runeterra. The comics, the cinematics or the publications that they make on the web itself are regularly used to delve a little deeper into the lore of League of Legends. A game like Legends of Runeterra also allows you to learn a lot more about the history of the different characters.

The new role-playing game “The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story” should also offer a very detailed insight into life in Demacia, one of the two great warrior kingdoms of Runeterra. To give the game hope, Riot Forge has even published a small comic… which will put an end to much speculation. We finally officially know who murdered Jarvan III, the father of Jarvan IV, one of the quintessential Demacians in the game.

Several theories are dismantled

Everybody knows that Jarvan III is dead, especially since you can play as Jarvan IV, the prince who became king after his father’s death. But there has always been a huge mystery surrounding the late king’s death. Between conspiracies and murder, the community’s theories went in all directions. But now we can exonerate several people.

  • Sylas was the ideal culprit, this anarchist wizard who bore the brunt of the anti-magic politics of Demacia. The latter was known to have discovered the lifeless body of Jarvan III, implying that he was innocent. But the fiercest still wanted to blame him. Except now we know he really has nothing to do with it, neither he nor his followers.
  • Some believed that internally, people like xin zhao either Tianna Crownguard (royal guard) had conspired against the king for obscure reasons. But these somewhat fanciful theories are far from the truth.
  • Well, that was more of a bug than a theory. Zion he did not kill Jarvan III, but Jarvan I.

The truth is in the Riot Forge comic

But really, it had to be something simpler. The enemy did not come from within, but from without. Jarvan III’s real killer comes from Noxus, the enemy kingdom. Was Katarina who with skill and discretion managed to kill the king. In a mission ordered by Swain but doomed to fail, with the sole aim of discrediting Katarina’s family, she took full advantage of the advice of her father, “the best spy in Noxus”. A perfect assassin, Katarina tricked the king into hiding in her personal haven while she fled the disaster caused by Sylas. The King of Demacia had no time to react as the Noxus envoy stabbed him in the back with a dagger.

We can also read in passing that Lux should have died in the operation as well. But Katarina decided to forgive her, in the name of her values.

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