LoL: What is the salary of an LEC player?

The salary of LoL players has always caused intrigue in the public and that is why we will talk about what an LEC professional earns.

In the League of Legends, one of the biggest unknowns of the competitive public has always been How much do players charge? In this case, at CodigoEsports we will talk about the minimum salary that has a player from the LEC, the highest category in Europe. All the information related to this aspect is in the league rules, published by Riot Games last year.

In traditional sports, knowing the salary and contracts of the players or coaches is common and is not surprising. Nevertheless, in Esports the economic issue is not usually touched on much and remains a little more reserved. Of course, this decision leaves us all wondering: How much does a LoL professional make? It is clear that it depends on each region and the role of each team member. On this occasion, we will focus on the possible salary of a player or staff from the LEC, one of the most important leagues in the world. The issue came up for discussion after LEC Wooloo posted the figure on Twitter.

As published by the journalist, The minimum salary for a LEC player is 60,000 euros per year.or, also applying for Head Coaches. However, an important requirement must be met to be worthy of this interesting payment. For it, the player in question must have played at least 18 matches Regular Season with the same team. Secondly, Minimum salary of players (includes substitutes) per month is one thousand euros, while this number will increase by another thousand euros for each week that the player played an LEC match in that month. As a detail, the lowest salary for Head Coaches per month is 5 thousand euros.

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In short, with this information we obtain a half answer, since there is no maximum salary and we cannot accurately determine your income. However, this helps us to learn a little more about the finances around the world of League of Legends.

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