LoL: When does Milio come out? The key dates of the launch of the Ixtal support

Milio will join the cast of League of Legends characters at the end of March. The first champion to arrive in the RIot Games MOBA in 2023 has many peculiarities, and fans of supports enchanters, such as Lulu or Yuumi, will be delighted with the young addition that has a unique skill kit.

Next, we are going to show you which ones will be the key launch days and when you can try it both on the League of Legends test server, and when it enters the official MOBA client and you have to pay for it with blue essences or you get a champion fragment in a miraculous way.

Milio’s key release dates

Summarizing quickly, we quickly leave you the dates that you have to have written down in your calendar to test this new League of Legends champion, as confirmed to us by Riot in the presentation of this Ixtal support:

  • Tuesday March 7 at 17:00 Spanish peninsular time, Milio will be available on the PBE.
  • Monday March 20 at 17:00 Spanish peninsular time, Milio Gameplay Report
  • Wednesday March 22 at 22:00 Spanish peninsular time, Milio would be on the game server (Champion Spotlight Video)

Regarding the origin of Milio, this character is a young man from a remote village on the border of Ixtal, where his family was exiled generations ago. Thanks to his unique way of seeing the world, has come to master the axiom of fire, which he uses to help and heal others. Under pressure to restore his family to its former glory within the Yun Tai, he leaves the comfort of his village and ventures into the wilds of Ixtal, unaware of what awaits him in the capital of Ixocan.

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