LoL: Why are autofills still in the game? Riot responds

A rioter explained why players have to autofill in their games or play themselves in a position they did not choose.

One of the challenges that ranked games in League of Legends have is for players outside of the position they usually play. More than one opportunity, how many of us have not lost one Only Q because our partner has no idea how to hold the line. Given the doubts of the community as to why they are maintainedos autofill ingameRiot Games responds.

He autofill issue It is one of the questionable points in the game, especially among high elo players, since it greatly conditions the performance of the team in the game. When you enter the Only Qeach one chooses two roles to play, however to reduce waiting times, another position can fall totally different from the one expected,

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champion select

On reddit, a user opened the discussion about the autofillasking if League of Legends He didn’t have enough players to prevent people outside his lane from being tagged in matches. “All roles are unique and at this point falling into a different position takes away all desire to play,” he posted.

Chris “Riot Auberaun” Roberts responded to the publication explaining how the theme of the autofill and because they remain in the games indicating that it is not by the number of players but by percentage. “If 25% of people want mid and 15% want jungle, but you need 1 person in each role to start a game, you’re going to need non-role players unfortunately.”

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With these statements, the designers make it clear that the autofill will continue in the SoloQ. However, over several updates the developer has added tweaks to make the NRP theme much more balanced.

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