Longevity diet, menu and 4+4 guidelines to age well and live 20 more years

In these moments of rapid progress increase of Life expectancyHow to feed yourself in order to live longer (but above all healthy and in acceptable condition) is a topic of great interest.

Although there are many theories and diets that are presented to us every day, we are summarizing here the teachings of two experts who have done the most work in the field of anti-aging: Walter D. Longo, an Italian-American biogerontologist who researches how to prevent and cure the most common diseases; And Vicente MeraHead of Internal Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic and one of the most recognized doctors in Europe welfare,

What is longevity diet?

Which has the greatest potential for extending life and reducing diseases. On the other hand, despite the name, it is not a diet in itself, but a diet lifestyle, Because living a healthy life to 100 years or more means doing so with the right mental state. physical and mental well-being, with Reasonable optimism and will to live, which are not suited to a very restrictive diet that gives us a ‘bitter’ life. Therefore, it is equally important to know what feels good to our body and adopt it in our daily life, like know how to make exceptions When conditions are truly favorable and we do it for pleasure, and not because of poorly learned inertia.

What foods should you eat to live a long life?

  1. eat mainly vegetableswith protein quality: Diet based on plant foods as much as possible, including fish and shellfish proteins 2 or 3 times a week. You are also recommended to include vegetable proteins such as soy, nuts, lentils, tofu or seitan.
  2. to reduce sugar And bad fat, There are many misconceptions about health and nutrition and many of them relate to fat, which is eliminated when you want to lose weight. Healthy fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body and especially our neuronal health. it should also be rich complex carbohydrates, such as in whole wheat bread and vegetables, and low in flat carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and bread. Sugar should be reduced to some extraordinary extent.
  3. Diversity and if not possible, supplementation: All nutrients are essential, although not in equal amounts. with varied diet We must include all the essential groups: proteins, essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), minerals, vitamins and some sugars. The problem is that today the foods from which we get these nutrients are not as rich due to different farming methods, food chains, etc. Therefore, complementation yesBut always determined by an expert after analyzing each case.
  4. super foods Yes, but while respecting your genetics: Often we start talking about some new functional food for our health. Most of them are good in essence or the truth is that each person has different needs depending on their genotype. Valter Longo recommends asking yourself what our grandparents ate in order to follow a diet as similar as possible. Although this connection is not entirely clear, this expert wonders whether some autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s, could be related to the introduction of foods for which our body is not prepared.

How to incorporate the Longevity Diet? How often should one eat and when should one fast?

This is another big debate about nutrition how often to eat and at what time. Walter Longo recommends eating two meals a day, one main and full meal, and one snack. However, Dr. Meera recommends, especially if your rhythm is intense in the morning, perform three mealsis one of them Breakfast. They both agree that the traditionally recommended five meals are not necessary, and that the body needs its breaks in the form of intermittent fasting.

Italian experts recommend doing so five days a weekat least passing 12 hours without eating. Dr. Meera recommends intermittent fasting one day a week,Enough time to do your work. Sometimes doing something positive in life will also be positive long term fasting, they excite Bhoji Detoxifying enzymes in the body are activated, resulting in deep cleansing of cells and tissues. Also, fasting reduces inflammatory processes, thereby relieving pain and limitations of mobility.

From sleep to exercise, experts talk about 4 essential aspects of aging well

1. We have talked about the main door to longevity, a proper nutrition, But this is not the only aspect that we must take care of if we want to reach advanced age in good condition, something that can only be achieved with a lifestyle that takes into account these other aspects:

2. Physical exercise: This is something that no one disputes anymore, it must be done at the limits of acceptable demand and throughout life. This is the best way to prevent disease, prevent injuries and illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle, and avoid the dreaded sarcopenia (muscle loss) and frailty of aging.

But sport is not only a basic tool to prevent degeneration of bones, muscles and joints. this is also the same Interference The following two points are important for the expert: Dream And this Tension, “The most common way Stress relief through physical exercise, which releases endorphins and enkephalins, which are short-term hormones that act on well-being. And this also has a positive effect on sleep better than that exercise in the morning And not at night.”

3. Dream:Sleeping short, poorly, or at odd hours (contrary to the circadian rhythm, our internal clock) puts us at risk of suffering from disease throughout life and neurodegenerative diseases in old age. Additionally, living a sleep-deprived life promotes depression and accelerates aging.

4. Tension, It is the greatest evil of the 21st century, and it invades and affects all aspects of our lives, from health to personal relationships. Stress, like all the reactions of our body, plays its role, which is sometimes very positive: it allows us to react quickly and be alert in all our actions. The problem occurs when this state persists almost continuously and we become, as psychologist Marian Rojas says, ‘intoxicated’ cortisol, This condition speeds up aging apart from predisposing us to obesity, diabetes, heart and neurological problems and above all, anxious or depressed mood.

it Food and lifestyle are not improved from one day to the next, and although it is never too late to start, you have to do it consistently to notice its effects. As Dr. Mera says in his book: “The only thing I’ve found so far To stay young at any ageIs a tool that must be wound Keep working regularly and consistently to keep it going,” he adds.

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