Loot Island in Fortnite: how to get to it and what loot we can find

Booty Island is one of the great novelties of the Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4. This named location on the map is quite special, because it appears randomly all over the island as matches progress. In this guide to Fortnite we tell you How to get to Isla Botin and what objects can we find:

Where does Isla Botín appear in Fortnite? How to get to this site?

Isla Botín is a floating island and one of the named locations from the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map. It’s pretty special, because this flying island appears randomly on the stage as the matches progress. A marker will notify all players when it appears.

Isla Botín appears randomly in the air

Once we are at the base of the island, we have two options to reach it: build in Battle Royale —it is not recommended because they can destroy our structures and cause us to die from falling damage— or use any of the vertical zip lines what’s up.

We use a vertical zip line to get to Isla Botín

Once on the surface of Isla Botín, we have two points of interest. The first of them is the capture zone: if we capture the flagwe will obtain many weapons and objects among which the Mythic weapon Accelerated Pulse Rifle.

Capturing the flag of Isla Botín we can obtain Mythical weapons

The second point of interest of Isla Botín is a vault which is for a few caverns under the house. If we have two keys, we can open it and search a few chests and ammunition boxes inside. There are also barrels of SORBETE that will come in handy to recover health and/or shield.

In the caves/mines of Isla Botín there is a vault that we can open with two keys
Inside the vault we find chests, ammunition boxes…

With this you already know How to get to Isla Botín in Fortnite. We remind you that in our game guide we help you with different aspects of it, such as how to complete all the Missions or how to obtain the Super Styles of the Battle Pass skins. Don’t miss it!

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