Lotus arrives, the new VALORANT map

After weeks of expectations, Riot Games has officially shown what Lotus is like. The new VALORANT map will arrive sooner rather than later on the servers and for the moment the developer has already shown its features. While some content creators can currently try it out, Riot has confirmed that the incorporation of shooter has three big key aspects: it is located in India, it has three sites and a new mechanic.

Lotus is a map located in India, specifically the Western Ghats. The designs are inspired by Dravidian architecture, from Hindu temples, and traditional types of stairs. However, this does not imply that the map is a religious temple. «We wanted to explore the theme of the great adventure, of mysteries lost in time and forgotten ancient structures. Indiana Jones was one of the themes that inspired us“said Joe Lansford, designer of VALORANT.

Taking into account the similarity of Lotus to a lost city or an ancient structure, the map has great news that have confirmed the rumors of recent weeks. First of all, the new VALORANT map will have three sitesequaling Haven, which to date was the only one with this feature. The developer team of shooter assures that he wants to break the monotony of two sites inside the video game.

On the other hand, Lotus retains aspects already tangible in VALORANT such as destructible doors and walls. Nevertheless, the map adds two big variables: a “silent fall” and revolving doors. With these two novelties, Riot Games continues the renewing trend that it has shown in the releases of the latest maps. Although Pearl was a more ‘classic’ release, Fracture was a revolution in the shooter thanks to its H-shape, the zip lines that connect the opposite areas and the spawn of the defenders.

After betting on a map based on southern Europe at the hands of Portugal, Riot Games has returned to the east at the hands of Lotus. The developer has again varied so much in gameplay as in theme, so now the unknown is to see when it will debut at a competitive level. The LOCK/IN, starting tournament of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), will begin on February 13. Until that date, professional players will have time to practice the key aspects mentioned:

  • revolving doors
  • silent fall
  • Destructible doors and walls

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