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For decades Woody Allen was virtually the only movie executive to carry accusations of sexual harassment on his back and resume. Until October 2017, when powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of harassing dozens of actresses, the list began to grow.


Filmmakers such as Oliver Stone, Lars Von Trier, Brett Ratner and James Toback joined the list, all denounced by women. Soon after came the allegations against screen stars such as Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Steven Seagal, Charlie Sheen and Jeremy Piven.

The cases provoked a chain reaction in the feminine universe, mainly in the cinema environment, where stars of the size of Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett took the front of the indignation and created the Time’s Up movement to denounce the harassments.

Despite the worldwide repercussion of the movement, with interventions at the Oscar party and the reading of a document signed by 82 women in Cannes, the cases did not stop occurring, continuing in 2018 with another important director/producer, Frenchman Luc Besson, also denounced for harassment and violence.

Besson, who directed hits like The Professional (1994), The Fifth Element (1997), Lucy (2014) and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), was accused by an actress of having drugged and then raped her. The crime allegedly took place in a hotel in Paris, according to the French radio network Europe 1 at the time.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed at that time, filed a complaint at a police station and said that the incident had taken place hours earlier in the premises of the Hotel Bristol, close to the Palais de l’Elysée, seat of the Presidency of the French Republic.

She said in the deposition that she had known Besson for a few years. About what happened, she said that shortly after having a cup of tea she felt bad and fainted. Upon regaining consciousness, she stated that she noticed signs that she had been touched and sexually penetrated. The director had left the hotel before her.

Upon being notified of the complaint, Luc Besson spoke through a lawyer, who stated that the client was surprised, despite acknowledging that he meets the actress episodically, but never drugged or raped anyone.

Time passed, and in 2021 the director was summoned to the courts, but to be treated as an assisted witness in the court case in which he was accused of raping the Belgian actress, finally revealed, Sand Van Roy. Before the judge, she claimed that she was raped by Besson for two years.

Despite being accused in two cases by the same victim, the director was entitled to assisted witness status, when this indicates that a judge perceives evidence of guilt, but insufficient to formally charge the suspect.

Luc Besson is turning 64 this Saturday. He owns Cité du Cinéma, a 62,000-square-metre mini-Hollywood that opened in 2012 in an old power station on the outskirts of Paris. I would even do a specific text about his career, as a way to mark his birthday, but I don’t tolerate a guy who just insinuates sexual assault on a woman.

Tourism A few days ago, businessman Ruyzito Gaspar informed me that the months of January and February were very busy at his Ocean Palace hotel thanks to Argentine tourists. The chaos in Natal is likely to scare them away.

Business In a WhatsApp group composed of Sergipe businessmen, someone warned that no truck transporting products from Seridó wants to come to RN, such is the fear of theft of cargo and vehicles themselves.

Hanger Minister Lewandowski, alone, without ever having been voted for by a single citizen, overthrew the pillar of the State-owned Law approved by the National Congress, freeing the appointment of politicians in the companies of the Brazilian people.

Repercussion The chaos in RN is dominating the headlines of newspapers, radios, televisions and national websites. The biggest news portals, such as UOL, G1, Terra and JP News have occupied their main spaces with terrorism here for days.

big money Cover headline of issue 132 of A Verdade magazine: “CPMI 08/01 The Secret of BRL 60 Million”. And below: “Denunciations point out that Lula would be offering amendments to parliamentarians who remove the name of the CPMI”.

Orchestra Banco Santander Brasil decided to sponsor the show by the only orchestra in the world made up of 100% women, bringing together 45 girls from public schools in Rio de Janeiro. The bank also ensures disclosure.

Picardy On the heroic night of ABC FC, dispatching Vasco in São Januário, a twitterer from Natal, with a “Grafitheiro” profile, used fine humor and coarse mockery to celebrate: “RN beating RJ in crime and football this week”.

only duels A Super Sunday in football with America x ABC, Vasco x Flamengo, Barcelona x Real Madrid, Inter x Juventus, Torino Napoli, Lazio x Roma, PSG x Rennes, Bayer Leverkusen x Bayern Munich, Manchester City x West Ham.

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