MAD Lions presents its new VALORANT roster

With one day to go before the start of the North America Challengers, MAD Lions has confirmed its new roster to compete in VALORANT. It’s been weeks since the possibility of the new squad was discussed, but over time nothing was confirmed or denied. However, the organization of Spanish origin has already made official the signing of the entire squad of Dark Ratio. The lions will debut this February 2 against TSM.

There were very few teams left, if not any, that had not yet officially presented their squad. VALORANT by 2023, but MAD Lions was one of them. Despite the lack of information, the fans were more or less calm since there were rumors of the new project. Finally, and after much waiting, the lions will be North American after acquire the roster of Dark Ratio in the Challengers NA. This squad has some other recognized names and it is the first step to try to gain strength and prominence in the league of NA.

The five MAD Lions players for VALORANT

With this move, the MAD Lions roster in VALORANT will be formed by Trick, Ange, ZexRow, drone and Will. Also, MoonChopper will be the coach of this quintet. Three Americans and two Canadians in which William “Will” Cheng, a former 100 Thieves player who participated in the VALORANT Champions of 2022. Dark Ratio got a place in the North America Challengers since the qualifier, so the ability of the roster is evident.

MAD Lions will soon make its official debut, as this February 2 begins the Challengers League: North America in which teams like FaZe, G2 or TSM participate. The new project of the lions will debut precisely before TSM on Thursday and they share a group with M80, The Guard, Disguise and OResports. The top four teams from the two groups will qualify for the Mid-Season Event in addition to earning valuable tour points.

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