Marina Rivers against machismo in the networks and Markilokuras: “I am extremely fed up”

If there ever was a world where machiruladas they were received with approval and joking, that is certainly not the one we live in in the third decade of the 21st century. At least on an ideological level, because gratuitously despising people based only on gender It is unfortunately quite common.

The controversy in the field of content creation this week has as protagonists two people who are in the antipodes of online entertainment. On the one hand Markilokurasan excellent Fortnite player and famous streamer who insists on speaking (badly) before thinking, and on the other Marina Riverstiktoker top and diana completely random from a fit of anger from Extremadura.

“They are playing [Minecraft Extremo] Y to insult my partner he insults me“, she says angrily, alluding to a childish pique that JCorko had in the pixelated cubes competition. Outraged because “he hasn’t done anything to him in the video game, or in real life, or anywhere else,” which in fact What really hurts him is that legions of trolls, haters and weird sympathizers justify the Marki’s severe impropriety.

The first exposition of the facts was made in a tiktok that has already given rise to many useless debates, because there is little to debate. However, there are still comments that consider the insulting “you are very right” when describing Marina with the worst possible qualifiers.

On top of that, do you harass me on social networks? I am denouncing a man who, in order to insult another man, has to humiliate me without knowing me at all”, he underlines to bring out the colors to those who still they do not understand the most basic of education or civics. Marki himself downplays the matter, assuming that “he is like that” and that “it left him for a moment and he’s done”.

The impotence is the same that other creators of similar fame have declared so many times; Biyín, Cristinini, Lola Lolita or Claudia García they have similar outlets, and they are all reminders of the sad road that still lies ahead.

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