Martinican comedian Thierry Adel presents his new show “Mi mwen mi vu”

Martinican actor and comedian Thierry Adèle will present his new show “Mi mwen mi vu” on the Grand Corbett stage this Sunday, March 3 at 5 pm. On this occasion, the comedian looks back at his long career.

Thierry Adele is a well-known personality in the West Indian comedy world. For over 30 years, the actor and comedian has skillfully moved from character to character, delighting audiences with his unique humor.

Thierry Adele discovered his talent for comedy at a very early age.

Since childhood, I don’t know whether it was so gentle or not, I was interested in it. With my friends we told each other little jokes and I made them laugh and at school too.

Furthermore, his friends nicknamed him “EPADE”, meaning, state-certified perjurer.

Thierry Adel’s career began almost thirty years ago. “l“E Doralis of these women”, “Guo Powell”, “Les Makoums”, the Martinican comic has continued successes.

It started with meetings at the Regina Regional Drama Center and that’s where the adventure began. (…) I had the chance to meet Jocelyn Regina after this Bankoulé show that made headlines in Martinique. It was a Dallas-like weekend meeting on our scale. And this is where it all started. It’s been more than thirty years.

Thierry Adel admits that he is not that funny in everyday life.

I am a bit of a nerd on a daily basis, I like to make fun of others. I like to laugh. I know how to differentiate between the artist, the comedian and the man I am.

Throughout his career, Thierry Adèle has played many characters. When asked which one he liked the most, he replied that he didn’t have any.

I like all the characters. I am an artist. I know how to play the roles of men, women, babies, children, the elderly, “old ladies” as they say in Martinican languages. I like playing his role because I was brought up among old people.

Because for his shows, Thierry Adel is inspired by things around him.

I am inspired by social facts. I talk about everything on my show. I can talk about politics, I can talk about the current situation, I can talk about the youth. I talk a little bit about what we see and everything is made fun of because I tell myself that people should laugh at themselves. (…) Life is a great drama.

Thierry Adel has invited the public to take part in his new show full of humour, which he sees as therapy.

Kassav’ said, “zouk la se sel medicman nu ni”, so I say hansi se sel vaccine nu ni. So they come to get vaccinated and we can take as many doses as we want.(…) For me, a comedian never does the same show twice. Even ten minutes before the scene, if you get something, you put it on. And that’s what I love about comedy, you can improvise. We are comfortable. And whenever Jocelyn Regina writes for me, she leaves room for me. I’m like a fish in water on stage.

In a career spanning 30 years, Thierry Adel has seen many young talents emerge. Like a guru he encourages them.

There are a lot of youngsters who are starting out and I tell them to start with sincerity. You don’t need to be afraid. It’s work that pays. That is to say, learn your lessons and take direction. There is no other solution. Money is sweat, you have to sweat.

If you need a good dose of humor, get your ticket to Thierry Adèle’s new show, “Me Mwen Me Vu”, which will be performed on the Grand Corbett stage this Sunday, March 3 at 5 pm.

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