Master Flow League: the last League of Legends finalist is defined in this series – Match and Schedule

The Master Flow League beats its last series before the grand final. Find out who the protagonists are, in the note.

The League of Legends Master Flow League celebrates its last semifinal this Thursday, March 23 from 6:00 p.m. in Argentina, prior to the grand finale. The champion of this last Master Flow League will be one of the first teams to reach the South Regional League, the new competition that we will have starting in the middle of the year. With Pampas already waiting for the grand final, this week we will only have one confrontation. Our casters, like every week, will be Zombyra next to gotszar and Lady Mufa with The Young Roman.

Between primates and Rosarios

The only duel to the best of five games that we will have in this last semifinal of the Master Flow League will be between Primate and WAP Esports. Both are the last losers bracket teams. The rosarinos arrived after losing against Primate in the first round of winners by 3-2in one of the best series of this Apertura 2023. Then managed to eliminate to Boca Juniors Gaming already Globant Emerald 3-0 each.

The primatesarrive at this instance after losing to Pampas in the semifinals 3-2 when they almost made it to the final, but the foxes managed to get that fifth game and send them to the bottom bracket.

Both squads will seek revenge in this semifinalthe rosarinos for having lost in the first round and the primates for once again demonstrating dominance against WAP and playing the final against Pampas. The winner of this series will go to the final of the League against the foxes.

I followed all the action of this semifinal on Thursday, March 23 starting at 6:00 p.m. Argentina in the Official channels of the Master Flow League from Youtube, Twitch or channel 601 of Flow.

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