Medallions of the Cold Blooded in Fortnite: what they are and how to get them

The event Most Wanted of Fortnite has brought to the game many novelties, among them the Medallions of the Cold Bloodedneeded to unlock the backpacking accessory Hundred Carat Skull. Here we tell you how to get Medallions of the Cold Blooded in the Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4. Let’s go there:

Steal Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite: how to get Cold Blooded Medallions?

The event Most Wanted from Fortnite came to the game on 02/14/2023. He brought a lot of content with him, including new Quests that ask us to steal Medallions from the Cold Blooded. However, the name can be misleading, since Medallions are not items found around the island. Instead, What “steals Cold Blooded Medallions” means is that we complete the Missions of the five different sets of The Most Wanted.

We need Medallions of the Cold Bloods to get the Hundred Carat Skull backpack

Each set is made up of nine Missions; completing at least seven of them in each set we will obtain a Medallion of the Cold Blooded. The Missions are the following:

In other words: until at least 02/22/2023 we will not be able to obtain the five Cold Blooded Medallionsnecessary for get the backpacking accessory Hundred Carat Skull and at the same time unlock your Missions.

Hundred Carat Skull Backpacking Accessory

Summarizing, we have to complete at least seven Missions in each of the five different sets of Most Wanted Missions to get the five Cold Blooded Medallions. This unlocks the Hundred Carat Skull backpack along with its Quests. It wasn’t that complicated, was it?

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