Medicine entrance exam is this Sunday: minimum marks and vacancies for the most requested careers at UNMSM

The 2024-II entrance examination for human medical careers will be held this Sunday, March 17. – Credit: UNMSM/Andina

in the midst of development Entrance Exam 2024-IIThe National University of San Marcos ,UNMSM) prepares for that last assessment date Pending, which suits the applicants career of human medicine, In this way, Sunday, March 17, will be one of the most anticipated events for those who want to join the famous house of study.

inside academic program proposed by Dean of AmericaProfessional School of human medicine emerging as the most requested by the youth who are trying to achieve one of the limited vacancies available,

Graduate of Human Medicine degree at UNMSM.

race of human medicine This is the most requested UNMSMWith a total of 4,150 applicants, which shows high competition and there is significant student interest in joining health sector, This event stands out not only for the number of applicants, but also for the growing importance of professionals in the global arena.

Thus house of higher education is preparing for the end of its 2024-II admission period, which has created great expectations among applicants. total of 23 thousand 359 youth compete for 4 thousand 771 vacancies distributed in 72 vocational schools,

This year, the offer was enriched with the integration of programs like Languages, translation and interpretation, Marketing, Gastronomy Administration, And Maritime and Port AdministrationWhich increases opportunities for students.

According to the results of the first and second day of the UNMSM entrance examination, 17 majors had less than 10 entrants. – Credit: UNMSM

most recent entrance examinations of National University of San Marcos (UNMSM)For the period 2024-I, the career of human medicine has set a new bar for its candidates by establishing minimum marks of entry into 1,224 And this maximum marks In 1,557,

This range represents high level of competitiveness And there is a need to access one of the most sought-after and prestigious careers in the field of health.

The Admission Regulation 2024-II introduces severe restrictions against identity theft and improper use of electronic devices in the examination. – Credit: UNMSM/Andina

According to information received from Office of Central Admission (OCA)Number of vacancies for the career of human medicine Its quantities are 56 (corresponding to regular basic education and alternative basic education modalities) and 32 (corresponding to other modalities).

There is a clear inclination towards interest of youth in various fields of knowledge in the educational sector. Health-scienceBy displaying more priority with total 8,061 applicants, In the order of demand, they are followed by the disciplines engineeringwith 5,793 registered, Humanities and Legal and Social Scienceswith 4,748, Economic and Management Sciencesadding up 4,219 Applicant; And finally, basic sciencewith 538 applicants,

In the 2024-II admission process, more than 23 thousand students will try to get the vacancy for UNMSM. – Credit: Paula Elizalde/Infobay Peru

UNMSM has imposed a series of stringent measures To ensure order and security during Entrance Exam 2024-II, All applicants are requested to ensure their arrival at the campus on time 6.00 am and 8.30 am

The purpose of these actions is to promote a ordered entry and equitable for all participants, with particular attention to those applicants With disabilities, who will be given special access.

Admission Regulation 2024-II establishes strict measures against mistaken identity And this misuse of electronic devices, Additionally, it has been determined that students who are detected any teamBefore, during or after the assessment, they will encounter legal actionsWhich involves civil or criminal proceedings.

Office of Central Admission (OCA) of UNMSMFor its part, it has established strict criteria to guarantee the integrity of its processes. One of the most notable rules is the ban on carrying Smartphone, Cell Phone, Radio, USB, Microcamera Or any other device capable of transmitting and receiving data within the classrooms where the tests will be conducted.

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