Meet Atlas, the humanoid robot that works by holding heavy objects and dances

This robot developed by Boston Dynamics has high motor skills. (Instagram: bostondynamicsofficial)

Boston Dynamics’ advanced robot Atlas has once again captured the attention of the world and beyond with its latest ability: the technology to dance while working.

it RobotFamous for their abilities to run, jump and perform extraordinary human activitieshas recently been updated to include a pair of grippers in its design that act as hands, allowing you to pick up and drop objects autonomously.

However, What really amazes is his ability to embrace dance. daily homeworkOnce again demonstrating the impressive versatility and mobility of this technology.

Atlas is a project that aims to move forward like a human being. (Boston Dynamics)

Since its appearance in 2013, Humanoid robots are known to execute activities and abilities remarkably similar to humans.Attracted worldwide attention through his participation in several videos that went viral, including his most recent exhibition.

The focus of the development of this robot is not on commercialization, but on the advancement of research in the field of robotics, with the aim of creating a device that is capable of performing any task assigned to it.

To achieve this objective, activities have been used that require the search for different solutions, such as parkour, To understand the physical limitations of robotsand dance, to improve accuracy in their movements.

The robot is capable of handling heavy objects. (Boston Dynamics)

Recently, an innovative device was added to the famous humanoid robot: a pair of hands specially designed as pincers, giving it the ability to grab and release objects autonomously.

The novelty of this instrument lies in its structure, which is composed of a fixed finger and a mobile finger, adapted to handle heavy loads. In his last performance, The robot’s current capabilities were evaluated in a simulated construction scenarioWhere he had to deliver a suitcase with a tool kit to a human located on top of a structure.

The robot began its work by analyzing the environment, then took a board and built a bridge that would allow it to overcome an obstacle.

He then picked up the suitcase, climbed several stairs, crossed the bridge he had built and, after jumping to another platform, threw the kit at the human. The demonstration concluded with the robot descending from the structure and performing an aerial spin, reminiscent of a parkour maneuver.

This robot is not on sale. (Boston Dynamics)

Those responsible for the humanoid robot project have recently highlighted important progress achieved with the inclusion of new parts, particularly hands designed as pincers.

He claims that this development, Represents an accomplishment that they have not achieved before And while this may seem less spectacular than a robot’s jumping and dancing abilities, the ability to manipulate objects involves a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the environment.

Besides, He stressed the importance of the speed with which the robot is able to perform such tasksSuggesting the potential for significant applicability and usefulness.

He commented, “It’s important for us that the robot can perform these tasks with a certain amount of human speed.”

This humanoid robot can talk and can even draw cats. (Youtube: Engineered Arts)

Advances in the field of robotics have led humanoid robots to achieve unimaginable achievements, capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. However, Ameka, the brainchild of Engineered Arts, has set a milestone for its ability to engage in autonomous conversations.

Standing out because of your clear face, Ameka is capable of displaying a wide range of facial expressionsOffers more natural and expressive interactions with humans.

Equipped with a microphone, its telescopic eyes and a camera on its chest, as well as facial recognition software, this robot sets a new standard in human-robot interaction.

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