Meet The Uncensored Library, the library in Minecraft that fights against journalistic censorship

Photo: The Uncensored Library

Photo: The Uncensored Library

Since its release, Minecraft has quickly become a phenomenon thanks to extraordinary user creations. And no, not everything is for pure laughter and fun, there are some like The Uncensored Library that goes against journalistic censorship.

It is a Minecraft library developed by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an NGO of French origin that seeks to defend press freedom in the world.

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What is this project against censorship?

On the official site of the project, it is explained that there are several countries in the world where web pages and social networks are controlled by oppressive governments.

However, even in those contexts, “the world’s most successful computer game remains accessible.” This is how Reporters Without Borders decided to use this opportunity to bypass internet censorship and end journalistic censorshipinside Minecraft.

This digital library was launched on March 12 – World Day Against Internet Censorship – 2020. The project was carried out by RSF in conjunction with BlockWorks, a company that is responsible for creating personalized experiences and virtual environments in Minecraft.

The construction of the neoclassical library (inspired by the New York Public Library) and the books took more than three months and used about 12.5 million blocks with the help of 24 builders from 16 different countries.

The Uncensored Library: articles from five countries in the world where censorship is commonplace

The basis of this Minecraft library are texts of everything focused on journalists who “now have a place to make their voices heard again despite having been censored, imprisoned, exiled and even killed.”

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Five countries have their own specialized section within this library: Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Vietnamwhere censorship is stronger than elsewhere.

In the Mexico section, for example, we can find a pedestal dedicated to (and various texts by) Javier Valdez Cardenasfounder of the weekly Ríodoce and who was assassinated in May 2017.

How to enter the Minecraft library?

To access the server of this project, you just need to enter the game and from there to this address:

Here you can download the Minecraft map from The Uncensored Library here.

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