Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are ‘Taking a Break’ From Their Engagement

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are 'Taking a Break' From Their Engagement

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are ‘Taking a Break’ From Their Engagement

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Looks like things between megan fox It is Machine Gun Kelly they still haven’t got it right. According to a source from the website Us Weekly, the couple would be taking “a break” in the troubled engagement after the various rumors of betrayal on the part of the musician. “They are currently taking a break but are still in contact. They are very unstable”revealed the insider.

  • Machine Gun Kelly spotted with woman in hotel bar amid rumors of crisis in engagement to Megan Fox

“They have put wedding planning on hold to work out their issues. Their relationship is quite volatile at the moment. Right now they are separated but they still text each other,” added the source.

(Megan) isn’t sure where things are going with Colson (Machine), and it’s complicated right now,” the source explained. “They’re still working on their relationship because the love they had was real. This is not something that disappears overnight. However, they would need to have a significant head start to make things work. It’s all up in the air now.”

Megan and Machine started their romance in 2020 and got engaged in January 2022, however, they were in the spotlight in the last month after rumors that the musician had become involved with the guitarist in his band, Sophie Lloydstart rolling on social media.

Rumors of a crisis in the relationship began after the 36-year-old actress unfollowed the rapper and deleted all photos with him on social media. In addition, she used the lyrics of Beyonce’s song “Pray You Catch Me”, which talks about betrayal, to caption the last photo of her Instagram page, before deactivating her account earlier this year.

Between news of crises and fights, Megan later spoke out saying there was no betrayal in her relationship with Kelly. “There is no interference from any third party in our relationship, in any way”, stated the actress. A source from Page Six revealed earlier this month that the pair would be in couples therapy to try to salvage their engagement.




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