Messi, Suarez and a historic friendly match for Inter Miami against ‘La Selecta’ in El Salvador

The wait is over for Salvadorans and football lovers, because this Friday the friendly match between the El Salvador National Team and Inter Miami was played at the Cuscatlán Stadium. With this meeting, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba They played together again after their successes at FC Barcelona. It was a historic day for Central America,

On Thursday night, since the Herons arrived in Salvadoran territory, the fans did not hesitate give yourself to footballers DRV PNK Stadium Franchise, For obvious reasons, The most excited elements during the preview, the teams’ warm-up and the first half of the match were Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.In an event which was expected given its global impact.

The captain of the MLS outfit, along with his faithful companion with the ‘9’ on his back, was in charge of carrying ‘Tata’ Martino into the starting attack for the trip to El Salvador., Busquets and Alba also appeared in the gala eleven. Three years, five months and a few days later, the ‘Fantastic Four’ met on the playground.

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Mario Gonzalez appears against Messi’s Inter

In the first half, although the Salvadorans had some chances, the most clear-cut chances fell to the Herons. Unfortunately for Inter Miami, the ‘La Selecta’ goalkeeper was forced to block the approach of Messi and Alba. The first was from ’10’, when everyone came together and Busquets returned a wall to Argentina, but Mario Gonzalez saved in the background,

Next, there was action by the Spanish left wing, when The South Florida outfit’s captain launched it into a filtered pass past the local defenders, but his powerful left foot was again blocked by Gonzalez.Who used her entire body to make herself look bigger and cover her first post.

Half time for Messi, Suarez, Busquets and Alba

After the first half, Gerardo Martino decided to remove the Barça legends from the pitch, so there was a small sigh from the fans in Cuscatlán as the time to enjoy their idols on the field of play was over. After a few minutes of the match, fans started chanting ‘Messi, Messi!’ They started shouting slogans, but they could only see him resting on the side of the field.,

Concern with Facundo Farias

The result was a 0-0 draw between ‘La Selecta’ and the Herons, so those present in the famous Salvadoran building missed the goal. The biggest concern is for Martino, as Facundo Farias went off on a stretcher after feeling discomfort in his knee as a result of Darwin Cerén’s foul.Who had even had a fight with Gregor due to his intensity of friendly behavior.

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