Mexican women’s team loses to Brazil in 2024 W Gold Cup semi-finals

the game is over! Mexican women’s national team is out of the 2024 W Gold Cup after losing to Brazil

Final Score: Mexico Women 0-3 Brazil Women

Minute 90: Reyna Reyes’ shot goes wide.

Minute 89: Shot aimed at goal by Mayra Pelayo, which is deflected by the defense on the line.

Minute 85: Change for Brazil women

Minute 83: Brazil had a fourth goal, but it was ruled out due to a foul in the area.

Minute 82: Debinha shoots at goalkeeper Barreras, but defender Rebecca Bernal serves on the line.

Minute 73: Mexico change

Minute 69: Vitoria Yaya received the ball after the rebound inside the area, she took a shot which hit the right post

Current Score: Mexico Women 0-3 Brazil Women

Minute 65: Change for Brazil’s women

Minute 65: Yellow card! Duda Santos has been reprimanded for foul play on Jacqueline Owele

Minute 64: Jacqueline Owele made a dangerous play, although she failed to connect well on target.

Minute 59: Change for Brazil women

Minute 58: Mexico Feminine Change

Minute 57: Pass from Gaby Portilho to Vitoria Yaya, who hits the goal, albeit over the top.

Minute 51: Debinha is left alone in front of goal, although she sends her execution in from the side.

Minute 50: Gaby Portilho shoots in front of Barreras’ goal, but his shot goes wide.

Minute 47: Goal from Brazil! Yasmeem scored the third for the South Americans with a backheel, following a pass from Gabby Portilho.

Current Score: Mexico Women 0-3 Brazil Women

Second part begins! Activities resumed at the Snapdragon Stadium between Mexico Femenil and Brazil

First part finished! Brazil Femenil came back to lead Mexico by two goals at half-time; In addition, the Mexicans fell by a goal due to the expulsion of Nicolette Hernandez.

Current Score: Mexico Women 0-2 Brazil Women

Minute 50: Yasmeem brings the ball to Duda Santos for a shot that goes over the Mexican goal.

Minute 49: Shot by Karina Rodriguez which had no goal direction and went wide.

Minute 44: Brazil women dominate, taking advantage of Mexico having fewer players

Minute 36: Mexico Feminine Change

Exit: Diana Ordonez and Maria Sanchez

Enter: Karina Rodriguez and Reyna Reyes

Minute 35: Yellow card! Karen Luna is warned for slapping Bea Zanaretto.

Minute 31: Goal from Brazil! Antonia scored the second for the South American team with a long-range shot, giving Barreras no chance.

Current Score: Mexico Women 0-2 Brazil Women

Minute 28: Red card! Nicolette Hernandez has been sent off for cutting a game that promised goals.

Minute 27: VAR review! Possible penalties for Nicolette Hernandez are being reviewed.

Minute 25: Goalkeeper Barreras blocked Yasmin’s shot, preventing Brazil’s second goal.

Minute 23: Adriana Leal is confident from outside the area, but she is unable to direct on target.

Minute 20: Goool from Brazil! Adriana Leal scored the first for Verdemarela, taking advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Estefany Barreras.

Current Score: Mexico Women 0-1 Brazil Women

Minute 19: Bia Zanerato’s shot from long range, although it went wide of Mexico’s goal.

Minute 18: Long-range shot by Duda Santos, which goes wide of Barreras’ goal.

Minute 17: Pass from Carla Nieto to Diana Ordóñez, however the Mexican forward could not control and the ball went long.

Minute 15: The game stops for the attention of the player Duda Ferreira after a collision with Rebecca Bernal.

Current Score: Mexico Women 0-0 Brazil Women

Minute 9: Long-range cross by Maria Sanchez, but goalkeeper Luciana keeps the ball.

Minute 7: Both teams continue to try to establish themselves on the field, although they are unable to find successful passes forward.

Minute 2: Yasmeem joined in from the left and took a shot which goalkeeper Estefany Barreras controlled without any problem.

the game begins! The match between Mexico Femenil and Brazil in the 2024 W Gold Cup begins at the Snapdragon Stadium.

Party Lineup:

brazilian woman: Luciana, Antonia, Tarcian, Rafael, Yasmeem, Debinha, Ari Borges, Bea Zanaretto, Adriana Leal, Duda Ferreira, Duda Santos. DT. arthur elias

mexico woman: Estefany Barreras, Nicolette Hernandez, Rebecca Bernal, Karen Luna, Maria Sanchez, Alexia Delgado, Kiana Palacios, Jacqueline Ovalle, Greta Espinoza, Carla Nieto, Diana Ordonez. DT. pedro lopez

Mexican women’s national team Will try to create history when faced brazil in the semi-finals of w gold cup 2024In a duel that will be played from the Snapdragon Stadium.

The Mexican and Brazilian national teams will give everything they have on the field for a spot in the Grand Finals. (Illustration: Jovani Perez)

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