Mexico, Denmark and Mongolia will host the RMRs of the Major

The Eiffel Tower has been one of the main protagonists during the last conference of BLAST Premier in which information regarding the next major of CS:GO held in paris. In this presentation, the organization itself has confirmed that the three RMRsqualifiers to attend the big event of the shooterwill be held in their respective regions. Mexico, Denmark and Mongolia are the three countries chosen to host the previous step to the Major of France.

The French country is getting involved, in every way, notably with the first Major of 2023. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, was one of the protagonists to confirm this long-awaited news by the French public a few months ago. Now, the Eiffel Tower has been the scenario chosen by BLAST to confirm new details about the great event of CS:GO. During this conference it has been highlighted that the casting throughout the event will be in English and not in French as was noted at first. The tournament will take place from May 8 to 21, but for this it will be necessary to succeed in different regional qualifiers.

Mexico will participate in the Paris Major

A few weeks ago we already explained the modifications that arrive from this year in the previous qualifiers, so we recommend reading it again. Once this question is overcome, we come to the RMRs, the last big step before reaching the top and that has another change, this time, of location. BLAST has confirmed that there will be no single venue and each region will play their qualifier near their location. With that, Monterrey (Mexico) will host the RMR Americas, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) that of Asia and Copenhagen (Denmark) that of Europe. In this way, long journeys are avoided and it helps fans to enjoy their regional teams. Mexico will host the great teams from America that will finally be in France from April 4 to 9, like the other two.

In the conference itself it was highlighted that it is possible that the phase challengers Y Legends have a public presencel just like in Rio de Janeiro, but still nothing is official. What is official is the possibility of registering to buy tickets. Those interested in attending one of the great events of the year can register at the official Web for him early access of January 23. The rest of the tickets will go out on the 26th of the same month.

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