Miami Marlins blackout Houston Astros in WPB

miami marlins And Houston Astros they faced each other spring training,

The two teams met in the stadium on the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 5 West Palm Beach Cacti Park (WPB). About 2,500 people attended the meeting.

miami marlins Won by a score of two-nil. However the manager houston, joe espadaPutting his starters in for six innings, Fish’s pitching behaved at a high altitude.

Miami Marlins Pitching Gems

trevor rogers He started and made six outs. That is, he worked two innings in one of which he struck out, scored no runs, and got only one hit, which was a double. jose abreu,

Then Ryan Weathers Covered four episodes while maintaining a batch of Astros In the bay. He allowed only one hit and scored no runs. He struck out four opponents and walked one.

George Soriano, brian honing And Vladimir Gutierrez He combined for three innings with one hit, two walks, and four strikeouts. Obviously, he did not even allow runs to be scored.

Thus, the pitching of miami marlins established dominance at will Houston Astros With only three hits and nine strikeouts in nine innings.

from the batter box jona bride Decided to fight with a homerun in the eighth inning. Then he added another in the ninth. The 21-year-old Venezuelan prospect pulled his Xavier Sanoja,

Now miami marlins He has a record of three wins and four losses. spring training, On the other end, Astros During this period he dropped his record to 6-5. spring training, Wednesday 6 March houston will return to the field against New York Mets, New Yorkers beat up their neighbors Yankees this Tuesday.

During this merlins they will do it first Washington Nationals In this Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium From Jupiter, Florida.

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