Microsoft claims 10 years is long enough for Sony to develop an alternative to Call of Duty

The CMA published new documents on the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, where the important role that Call of Duty has for the agreement is highlighted. According to the technology giant, the 10-year contract offered to Sony would be enough for the Japanese company you could develop your own alternative to the franchise.

This statement arose in response to doubts about the impact that the end of Call of Duty could have on PlayStation. Sony had stated that without the shooter, it will lose a huge amount of revenue that none of its first party games can generate.

“Microsoft believes that a period of 10 years is sufficient for Sony, as a publisher and owner of a leading platform, to develop alternatives to Call of Dutysaid the Xbox owner.

Although it has offered access to the shooter to rival platforms for a decade, Microsoft has already hinted that it intends to extend that time frame into the future. The company recently claimed that it has no financial incentive to make Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive.

The tech giant argues that it intends to treat FPS games the same way it does Minecraft today. This means that if more titles are released, these will be multiplatform and they will be Available on Xbox, PC, and Sony and Nintendo platforms.

Despite all of Microsoft’s defenses and arguments, Sony remains steadfast and willing to do everything possible to block the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

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