Microsoft plans app store on iOS and Android

Microsoft would be developing an application store for smartphones that will compete against the Play Store of Google in Android and the app store of Manzana in iOS. Although there are other lesser-known platforms that distribute software for cell phones, the ones mentioned above are the most relevant and these would be the target against which the new Redmond digital store would compete in the market.

According to what he stated in an interview with the Financial Times, Phil Spencer -executive director of Microsoft Gaming and head of Xbox– would be interested in developing this platform. Spencer’s idea is that all the content of the video game division of the technology firm and other third-party developer studios can be enjoyed “on any screen” including mobile phones.

Microsoft and its plans for the mobile market

During the conversation with the aforementioned portal, it was suggested that the project may be taking place since the problems of various companies with the mobile digital distribution platforms began. The most emblematic case was that of Fortnitewhich led to Epic Games and Manzana to face each other in court a few years ago.

Phil Spencer He noted that his mobile app store would take into account the digital future that would arrive in the coming years, in which smartphones are predicted to “be more open.” The executive explained that to present this he will wait for the Digital Markets Act of the European Union which was established in 2022, which seeks fairer competition in the markets and the eradication of monopolies.

New moves before the deal Microsoft – Activision Blizzard

According to what the executive director of Microsoft Gaming in the interview, the future regulation of Europe It would make it easier for companies to generate alternative mobile application stores to the Play Store of Android and app store of iOS. In this way, more situations such as that of Fortnite on the platform of Manzana which ended up causing a stir in the tech industry.

While the proposed European Union law remains in the development phase, Microsoft He still has to finalize details on other matters related to his business. On the one hand, there is the implementation of artificial intelligence of ChatGPT and its improved version in its products.

Parallel, Microsoft hopes to finalize -possibly- the acquisition of Activision Blizzardthe company that owns some of the most important franchises in the video game industry such as WarCraft, Overwatch and of course, call of duty. This also extends to the firm’s mobile titles such as Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush from the King Company.

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