Microsoft uses AI for a revolutionary feature in Minecraft: While it won’t be released, it could mark the future of accessibility – Minecraft

Mojang’s title is the key to an experiment based on artificial intelligence that sparks an industry revolution.

The relationship between video games and artificial intelligence it is getting narrower. A few days ago, a group of students presented MarioGPT, a tool based on GPT-2 capable of creating infinite levels inspired by Super Mario Bros. as a result of natural language instructions. In turn, we were also able to learn NetEase’s intention with Justice Online Mobile, an MMO that will integrate ChatGPT to get the most out of the NPCs. However, the internal demonstration carried out by Microsoft may mean a before and after for the sector since it opens up a wide range in terms of accessibility options it means.

how to collect PC Gamer, the Redmond firm has carried out an experiment with Minecraft, the most popular license in history. The objective of this was to achieve that an AI could replicate the actions of the players through simple text commandsan option that we already saw in the past with an OpenAI experiment (the creators of ChaGPT) and even with another NVIDIA test that went on to win an award. And, as reported by the same medium, it seems that the Microsoft test was a true success which, in addition, left the employees of the company astonished.

Artificial intelligence may be the key to accessibility in video games

As detailed by PC Gamer, the demo focused on showing how the AI ​​reacted to text instructions from programmers. Thus, he perfectly fulfilled orders such as “build a house” or “cut down a tree”, two of the most popular actions in the title of Mojang. However, despite the success of the internal test and the astonishment of those involved in it, Microsoft have no immediate plans to include this function in the public version of Minecraft. Therefore, at least for the moment, this option will be limited to internal use.

However, this does not prevent some debate from having been generated around what the tool offers. For many, the possibility of play through natural language is a great option for accessibility in the future. Although there are adapted equipment, sometimes these are expensive or do not interest the users to whom they are directed. For this reason, working on tools that allow progress in video games through natural language is a very attractive option that, for many, should be one of the ways to go.

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